Prokoprint 2.0

Prokoprint 2.0 is an intelligent software solution for the processing of customized print orders. The labor-intensive procurement processes of the past disappear entirely, because your customized printing products and merchandising items are mapped to a personalized online shop that is entirely your own. Keeping every order just a mouse-click away.

Virtually 100% compatible
No matter what ERP system you use for inventory control, Prokoprint 2.0 provides a suitable interface.

No software installation
Prokoprint 2.0 is initiated directly via your Internet browser.

Lower costs
Revision loops by telephone, email, etc. are all a thing of the past, and rendered immediately superfluous.

Better overview
Through Prokoprint 2.0, you get an accurate overview of your orders at any time.

Logistics and warehouse management
We are also happy to take care of the warehouse management of your print products and merchandising items; thanks to our global logistics know-how, you can count on us to ensure your products reach their destination.

Faster processing
As soon as you click “order,” your order information is communicated to us.

The result
Minimal time and cost expenditure, with the highest level of print quality for print runs of any magnitude: from a single item to mass mailings.

QR code issuance
Just imagine a world where you no longer have to deal with the hassle of entering new contact information into your smartphone. With our integrated QR code enhancement, now all you need is a business card!

Data uploads
You can use the integrated HTML editor to create and store your print types easily and conveniently using the graphic interface.

Need to know exactly where your shipment is located right now? Use the tracking function to track your order anytime, anywhere.  

Around the world
In addition to German and English, Prokoprint 2.0 is also currently available in Spanish, Russian, French, and Italian.

Stamp/seal function
Design your own customized stamp or seal using the integrated stamp designer.

Merchandising items
Need give-away goodies for trade shows or specialized promotional items for your customers? Let us handle the organization of this for you!




... is a tool for everything. Whatever you need – printed clothing items, merchandising items, large-format print jobs in digital or offset printing: Prokoprint 2.0 covers every option!
... is flexible and individually tailored to suit your preferences or needs
... can be continuously enhanced
... facilitates the best workflow between customer and production
... is thus a holistic solution to optimize your order processes